Jesse Eisenberg explains Lex Luthor’s actions in Batman v Superman

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has many problems, and Lex Luthor is one of them. Not only does actor Jesse Eisenberg bring more theatrical camp to the character than Gene Hackman in the 1978 original, but the villain’s actions seem insane, nonsensical, and entirely unmotivated. During a junket for the movie, Eisenberg was pressed for answers by IGN to Luthor’s actions toward the end of Batman v Superman – specifically, when he creates Doomsday – and he justified the character’s actions thusly:

‘I think Lex becomes increasingly unhinged throughout the movie” he explained. “I also think he’s a guy who has 40 back-up plans and so when one thing doesn’t work out he has another and if that doesn’t work out he has another, which is why I think he never feels that threatened by Superman and Batman because he knows he always has the leverage and his final act, in my opinion; and this is now thinking back a year-and-a-half – was this kind of like last-ditch effort to leave it all on the table.’

Does Eisenberg’s explanation untangle any of Lex Luthor’s decisions for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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