Jeff Goldblum to appear in a superhero movie?

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Jeff Goldblum – that unique actor who we all grew up with, having starred in the mega-blockbusters Jurassic Park and Independence Day, and soon to be appearing in the latter’s sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence – has dropped a hint that he ‘might be’ soon to appear in a superhero movie.

MTV recently got the hint out of him in this interview:

It’s certainly an exciting prospect – Goldblum having that ability to create roles with depth and distinctiveness almost purely from his own quirkiness. But might he be playing a good or a bad guy?

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One comment on “Jeff Goldblum to appear in a superhero movie?

  1. Robert Lerman1

    The man with a plan. Despite the fact that he has been in dozens of films. Jeff has managed to reinvent himself with a career in music. His accomplishments are unique. From acting to comedy and now, a musician song writer and singer. Thank you Jeff, for working on your multiple talents. You’ve made contributions, to the world of entertainment and to well known causes. Makes you a great humanitarian as well. Blessings and love.
    P. B.

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