Jeff Goldblum reveals he was available for Jurassic World

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When Jeff Goldblum didn’t feature in last year’s Jurassic World, most of us presumed it was because he chose not to, but the veteran actor has now revealed that he was in fact “available” for the film.

Goldblum told The Graham Norton Show that he was up for appearing in the reboot, but it obviously didn’t materialise:

“Yes. I was available. But had a big satisfying meal with being in two of them.”

Having starred in Jurassic Park and The Lost World, Goldblum proved to be arguably the franchise’s most popular character, so fans would have surely loved to have seen him return as Malcolm.

He will however reprise another popular character, as he stars in Independence Day: Resurgence, which hits screens on June 24th.

You can see his full interview on The Graham Norton Show which airs in the UK on Friday evening on BBC One.

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