James Cameron almost directed Spider-Man

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James Cameron reveals that he very nearly directed a Spider-Man film. The director is best known for helming the likes of Terminator, Aliens, Avatar and Titanic. And it’s the latter film that stopped him from adding Spidey to that impressive list.

Cameron told Collider that he was “going to launch a series of [Spider-Man] films in the 80s” but “didn’t pursue it because [he] was on to Titanic”:

“Spider-Man was kind of going nowhere. Canon – a very low budget film company back in the ’80s – had had it briefly. Nobody had really done anything with it. Marvel characters in general weren’t being developed very well at that time. I got Carolco Pictures to buy Spider-Man. I was going to launch that as a series of films. I wrote quite an extensive treatment – I think 80 or 90 pages long. And then again when Carolco collapsed, those rights were in play and I didn’t pursue it because I was on to Titanic and I was doing other things.”

“I got Carolco Pictures to buy Spider-Man. I wrote quite an extensive treatment.”

We doubt Cameron minds too much following the success of Titanic.

Next up for Cameron is Avatar 2 which goes into production on September 25. Meanwhile, Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7.

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