J.K. Rowling to debut new stories that explore the History of Magic in North America

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With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them releasing later this year, J.K. Rowling (via Pottermore) will be debuting four new stories this week, further building on the already sprawling Harry Potter universe.

The new stories — titled The History of Magic North America — are focused on the American side of the Wizarding World. Exciting news for fans as Rowling never explored the otherworldly, magical events unfolding outside of her home continent in the Harry Potter novels.

Entertainment Weekly reports the new stories will tie-in to the events in Fantastic Beasts, which also takes place in North America, 1920s New York to be exact.

Check out EW’s video preview of the upcoming Wizarding World stories below:

The History of Magic in North America will cover Ilvermorny (the American version of Hogwarts), Skin-walkers, and a Native American legend. Things may even get spooky, as we’ll see Rowling’s vision of the Salem witch trials.

The first story debuts on Pottermore on Tuesday, March 8. at 9am ET.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is set for a November 18 release.

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