Is Justice League now only going to be a single movie?

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As part of a set visit on Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder, some interesting information was uncovered. We can rest assured that the movie will be lighter and funnier in tone than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and before that, the first instalment in the planned two-movie Justice League would be simply titled, ‘Justice League‘ – no ‘Part One’ or any other subtitle. And now, speaking with Slashfilm, it looks like producer Deborah Snyder has revealed it will only be one film.

‘We’re only ever planning and we are only doing Justice League, just Justice League. One movie.’

This basically goes against what we were led to believe with the announced two-hander Justice League. However, when speaking with Zack Snyder – the director – he shed a bit more light on the matter: ‘I think we still have a release date.’ Okay, so not much more light other than a release date – but he also reckons that the first movie, the one they’re shooting right now, is ‘a complete movie.’

This sort of follows the news not so long ago that Marvel’s Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 would end up having completely different titles from one another; could this be the same set-up, where the studios essentially release placeholder names in order for us to get excited as early as possible?

We’ll see how ‘complete’ Justice League is when it hits cinemas November 17 next year.

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