Is Independence Day 3 heading straight to TV?

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Independence Day 3 may be headed straight for the small screen, after the second film flopped.

Roland Emmerich, the man behind the franchise, has confirmed that talks are ongoing over a third film:

“Next week I have a meeting with them [Fox], so not necessarily. I mean, [Independence Day: Resurgence] set things up for a sequel, but let’s see what happens.” he told Coming Soon.

But when asked whether the project may be set for TV rather than cinema, he revealed that there were definitely “also talks about that”.

Resurgence struggled at the box office, making $386.6 million which may seem like a lot but not in comparison to its sturdy $165 million production budget, and if you add in marketing and advertising spends, not much profit will have been made overall. That’s a lot less money than what the original 1996 film made, raking in almost $1 billion.

So TV may be a more realistic destination for Independence Day 3. We’ll keep you informed of any updates but in the meantime, check out the Resurgence trailer:

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