In The Heart of The Sea pushed back to December

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Following the news that James Cameron has pushed back the first film of his upcoming Avatar trilogy to 2017, veteran director Ron Howard has also delayed the release of his latest film, In The Heart of The Sea. With an original release date of March 13, the brand new release date is now December 11; as of yet, there has been no reason given for this change, but it’s most likely because Howard, director of Rush (which, like In The Heart of The Sea, also starred Chris Hemsworth) wanted more time on post-production. Last year, the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending was due for release over the summer, but is now finally seeing the light of day on February 6 this year; perhaps there were similar issues with In The Heart of the Sea, where the film simply just wasn’t ready in time for release, like Jupiter Ascending was? Either way, its December release date means it’ll still be in awards season – just not this awards season.

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