Hit-Girl film being developed as prequel to Kick-Ass

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The most memorable thing about 2010’s Kick-Ass, directed by Matt Vaughn, was Hit-Girl. Chloe Grace-Moretz’s breakout role as the pint-sized, foul-mouthed super assassin caught everyone’s attention – as either praise, or controversy – and suitably stole the show from Aaron Johnson’s title character. Speaking to Yahoo! Movies, Vaughn revealed that not only is he currently working on a Kingsman: The Secret Service follow-up, he’s also beavering away at bringing Hit-Girl back for another round:

‘We’re working on an idea for a prequel of how did Hit-Girl [sic] and Big Daddy become Hit-Girl and Big Daddy… If we make that, hopefully that will be the sorbet for the people that didn’t like “Kick-Ass 2” and then we can go off and make “Kick-Ass 3”.’

This was in response to the derided Kick-Ass 2, which garnered negative reviews, disdain from fans, and opened with a less than satisfactory $13.3 million in the USA (from an audience who could probably smell that something was not 100% with the franchise). Hopefully this will get the Kick-Ass brand back on track, and with Vaughn stating that a prequel would ‘regain the love that we had with “Kick-Ass”,’ we can all look forward to seeing a Hit-Girl flick sometime in the not-too-distant future. We’re just looking forward to Nicolas Cage reprising his role as Hit-Girl’s father, Big Daddy, which was heralded as somewhat of a comeback role for the actor.

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