Harrison Ford says he is definitely done with Star Wars and would “rather not” return

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With just over three months to go until Star Wars: The Last Jedi is unleashed in cinemas to an adoring public, fans are getting themselves ready to head to a galaxy far, far away once more and maybe get their many questions answered.

But not everyone is returning for the ride as one notable absentee for part seven is Harrison Ford, who’s Han Solo was killed in The Force Awakens by his sinister and “dark side” adjacent son, Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Ford, who does return to the big screen next month in Blade Runner 2049, had been trying for years to get George Lucas to kill off Han Solo earlier in the series but didn’t get his wish until 32 years later when J.J. Abrams and co granted him his wish.

And speaking to GQ, Ford says that while he still loves his time with the series, it was time to move on:

“I think it was mentioned [by George Lucas], even in the first call, that he would not survive. That’s something I’d been arguing for some period of time,”

“I’m finished with Star Wars if Star Wars is finished with me. I’d rather not [return]. You know, at this point, I’d rather do something else. Just because it’s more interesting to do something new.”

The other reason some fans are speculating that Ford may return to the franchise is due to the upcoming release of the Han Solo/Star Wars Story film, which is released next summer. He had previously said he wasn’t at all bothered about the spin-off but on reflection, said he is still going to see it, saying:

“Of course I’ll be watching it as a fan… It’ll be a little weird. But you know, I’ve met the fella who’s gonna play the younger Han Solo. Wonderful guy, very sweet, and a very good actor. So I’m delighted in the choice.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens December 15th.

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