Han Solo spin-off director teases upcoming film with photo from the set

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Along with all the other glorious tidbits released on this year’s Star Wars Day, perhaps the best was a tease of the upcoming, as-yet-untitled Han Solo spin-off movie. Chris Miller, who is co-directing the film with Phil Lord, posted this photo on his Twitter:

You see what he did there? Are you sure? This photo features Solo’s iconic blaster – so the younger version of the character probably won’t be too young after all, especially if they cast their frontrunner Alden Ehrenreich in the lead role.

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Miller and Lord have garnered a reputation for taking projects which sound unworkable, and making them work – like a movie reboot of an obscure TV comedy (21 Jump Street), a 2-hour-long advert for a children’s toy (The LEGO Movie), and an even-better-than-the-first-one comedy sequel (erm, 22 Jump Street). The otherwise untouchable, sacred ground of Han Solo within Star Wars mythology, then, seems perfect for the directors to get their hands on.

The Han Solo spin-off is set for release on May 25, 2018.

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