Ghost in the Shell ripped apart in it’s Honest Trailer

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It’s that time of the month when us film fans sit back and enjoy the latest in the Honest Trailer series as they tear apart one of the year’s biggest disappointments. This time it’s the turn of Scarlett Johansson blockbuster flop Ghost in the Shell to get taken apart – and it’s hard to disagree with the points they make.

Released earlier this year, the film was a big flop in the US (only grossing $40million domestic) and while it made some money overseas, it failed to reach a big audience due to poor reviews. In addition, the film was unable to step out from underneath accusations of whitewashing in its casting and failed to bring to the screen all of the elements of what made the original anime such a success.

Here’s the trailer for you to enjoy:

Rupert Sanders (Snow White & The Huntsman) directed the film which also starred Juliette Binoche, Beat Takeshi Kitano, Pilou Asbaek and Michael Pitt.

Ghost in the Shell is released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on August 7th.

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