Night of the Living Dead director George A. Romero has passed away

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Some very sad news coming out of Hollywood over the weekend that legendary writer and filmmaker George A. Romero has died aged 77 after a “brief but aggressive battle” with lung cancer.

Romero’s legacy will forever be embedded into the film horror genre, not least in the way he changed the modern zombie film with his first and most iconic film Night of the Living Dead, which was released in 1968. From it’s mini budget of $114,000, the film grossed over $30million at the box office and spawned five sequels.

Since then, he directed an array of horror films including fellow zombie film Dawn of the Dead (1978), Day of the Dead (1985) and Land of the Dead (2005). As well as those, he made such films as Season of the Witch (1972), The Crazies (1973), Knightriders (1981) and Creepshow (1982).

His last film as director was Survival of the Dead, which was released in 2009.

In a short statement on Romero’s official Twitter page, his family wrote:

He, and his legacy, will be sorely missed.

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