Furious 7 surprise screening leaves Paul Walker fans in tears

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A surprise screening of the latest instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise at SXSW has left fans of the late star Paul Walker in tears.

At the first public showing of the movie, held over the weekend in America, many viewers were said to be left in an emotional state. The special screening was proceeded by a message from the film’s producer, Neal Moritz, who asked for attendees not to reveal what becomes of Walker’s character in the film.

Paul Walker died as a result of a car accident in November 2013. He was still in the midst of completing work on the film, although the fatal indecent was unrelated to the production of Furious 7.

The movie was completed with the aid of visual effects and Walker’s brothers, who were stand-ins for the remaining shots.

Fans in the UK don’t have too long to wait, Furious 7 will be released on 3 April.

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