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Flickreel’s 5 Top Films to See in December

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St. Vincent
There are few joys in life quite like hearing that Bill Murray is playing the lead role in a new movie. Consigned, predominantly, to supporting roles of late, the comic actor returns to take the lead in Theodore Melfi’s sophomore endeavour (and first this side of the millennium), St. Vincent. Playing a grumpy old man with a generous heart, the actor excels – and is matched at every turn by brilliant supporting performances from both Melissa McCarthy and a resurgent Naomi Watts.

Following her incredible performance in Beasts of Southern Wild – which made Quvenzhane Wallis the youngest ever Academy Award nominee in the Best Actress category, all eyes have been on the child star to see what she’ll deliver next. Needless to say this Annie remake is the perfect project, and with a cast also consisting of the likes of Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Rose Byrne – we’re very much looking forward to indulging in this hard-knock life yet again.

If you haven’t heard of Louis Zamperini, then prepare to be blown away, as his quite miraculous life-story is brought to the big screen via an accomplished Coen brothers screenplay, and with a certain Angelina Jolie in the director’s chair. If you are aware of his tale – which saw him go from Olympic glory to being a Japanese prisoner of war – you’ll know exactly what’s in store: an inspiring, deeply upsetting and captivating drama that marks the rise of the fledging career of British actor Jack O’Connell, who shines in the leading role.

Big Eyes
The last time director Tim Burton worked with a cast of actors he hadn’t worked with before, he created the cult favourite Beetlejuice. So now, without his usual alumni such as wife Helena Bonham Carter and star Johnny Depp, he has given roles to Amy Adams and forthcoming Bond villain Christoph Waltz, in this eagerly anticipated depiction of the life of painter Margaret Keane.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Eyebrows were suitably raised upon hearing the news that Peter Jackson was to split the story of The Hobbit across three separate movies. However as the third and final film’s release edges ever closer, such apprehension has turned to a relative emotion, as we step foot in Middle Earth for the very last time – and if the previous two productions are anything to go by, we could be in for a rather special and immense finale.

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