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Five Films You Can’t Miss in July 2015

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After seeing the moving documentary Senna, it felt like it would take something truly devastating to evoke such sadness for so many tears to stream down our faces once again. But it’s happened, and it’s all thanks to the very same man, as Asif Kapadia’s latest endeavour, depicting the tragic story of British musician Amy Winehouse is as staggeringly profound a picture, whereby the filmmaker forms such a deep emotional connection between his subject and viewer – which makes the end of the piece really hard to take. It’s unmissable, if disquieting cinema.

Magic Mike XXL

On a slightly more cheery note, comes the Kings of Tampa, back – naked and dancing – again. Though Matthew McConaughey isn’t a part of this eagerly anticipated sequel – while director Steven Soderbergh has been replaced by Gregory Jacobs – try not to be put off this endeavour, as Channing Tatum returns yet again, in an immensely entertaining production that may just even be better than the preceding feature, and it’s not often we can say that.


There was one point when Marvel’s latest cinematic offering Ant-Man looked doomed. When the last minute change of director occurred, with the outgoing Edgar Wright replaced by Peyton Reed. However the project went ahead, seemingly to plan, and the finished product is now upon us. With Paul Rudd in the lead, we can expect a comedically inclined picture; but where Marvel are concerned, you can also guarantee a series of breathtaking set-pieces, and edge-of-your seat action sequences. Plus, with a supporting casts consisting of Michael Douglas, Bobby Cannavale and Evangeline Lilly, there’s a sense that things may just turn out okay.

Inside Out

Despite the dip in form of late for Pixar, with Cars 2, Brave and Monsters University making up their past three productions, word is, they’re back to their usual sparkling form with their latest offering, Inside Out. This time we’re looking into the inner workings of our minds, as our emotions – ranging from joy to fear, from anger to disgust or sadness – are the protagonists, with stars such as Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Richard King providing their indelible vocals. Pixar have always had a distinct knack for appealing to both children and parents alike, and here’s another film to prove that they’ve still got it.


Having been initially touted as a sort-of-follow-up to Eminem’s 8 Mile, with the rapper starring in the lead yet again, this project eventually became more of a standalone feature, with Jake Gyllenhaal stepping on board to play the film’s lead, Billy Hope. Hope is a boxer, and one of the very best in the world. But when his life comes crashing down around him, will he be able to drag his way up through the rubble and turn things around? Well, we guess you may just have to go to see it to find out then.

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