Finding Dory said to be too similar to Finding Nemo

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Any fears based on the trailers that Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory may be too much of a carbon copy of the first sea outing, are unfortunately right it seems.

IGN visited Pixar HQ to watch the first 30 minutes of the much-awaited sequel but were left disappointed with the too familiar storyline.

“The first 30 minutes suggest that the film will be very similar to Finding Nemo, which might put some viewers off, and frustrate those who want Pixar to concentrate on new stories rather than returning to past glories.” said IGN’s Entertainment Editor, Chris Tilly.

However he added that there were still many positives to be taken out of the viewing:

“What we will say is that Finding Dory’s early moments pack a punch as emotional as their predecessor.

“Ellen DeGeneres again brings the laughs as Dory, though her vocal performance is also also filled with sadness and pathos in this new outing.

“We spend time with characters we know and love, and who seem less like animated fish and more like old friends. The result is a viewing experience that’s just lovely.”

Finding Dory splashes onto screens on June 17th and you can see the trailer below:

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