Dwayne Johnson becomes highest-paid actor

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Dwayne Johnson has had a busy 12 months and so it’s no surprise to see the wrestler-turned-actor become the world’s highest paid performer.

According to Forbes, Johnson has overtaken Robert Downey Jr. and more than doubled his 2015 earnings. The Rock made an estimated $64.5 million from June 2015-June 2016.

This is mainly down to his action comedy Central Intelligence. While he also collected advance fees from the eighth Fast and Furious film.

Jackie Chan took second on the list with $61 million. With Matt Damon coming in third with $55 million. Downey Jr. surprisingly dropped down to eighth, making $33 million respectively.

Check out the full top 10 list below and click here to see who topped the highest-paid actresses.

1. Dwayne Johnson – $64.5 million

2. Jackie Chan – $61 million

3. Matt Damon – $55 million

4. Tom Cruise – $53 million

5. Johnny Depp – $48 million

6. Ben Affleck – $43 million

7. Vin Diesel –  $35 million

8. Shah Rukh Khan – $33 million

9. Robert Downey Jr. – $33 million

10. Kumar Akshay – $31 million

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