Does a new Assassin’s Creed image spoil a possible plot development?

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We all like it when marketing for movies gets us excited, while at the same time keeping the important secrets – well, as secrets. That’s why trailers for Christopher Nolan films work so well, but perhaps the team behind promotional materials for the Assassin’s Creed adaptation could learn a thing or two from him. A couple new images were tweeted from the film’s official Twitter account, and while one doesn’t reveal much, the other may – or may not – have just spoiled a plot development. Here’s the tweet below (you’ve been warned):

The image on the left: Michael Fassbender as Aguilar, his ancestor, doing not much else but looking rather neat in the iconic Assassin’s hoodie of the past. The image on the right? Fassbender as modern-day Callum Lynch, aiming a crossbow off-screen. Now we really hope this doesn’t mean anything, but from what we can tell from this image and what we know about the film’s premise, this looks like an escape: Lynch is being held in a facility by Jeremy Irons’ Rikkin, who wants Callum to travel back into his ancestor’s mind and body using a special bit of kit called the Animus to retrieve something important from the past. We already know that the facility holds a number of other Assassins apart from Callum himself, and the bodies behind Fassbender look like guards who have succumbed to their violent escape plan. This sounds like the kind of plot gear-change that would happen closer to the end of the movie – so let’s hope this isn’t that. Otherwise, the marketing team have potentially spoiled a key sequence from the film.

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Assassin’s Creed is released on December 21.

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