Directing duo, Phil Lord & Chris Miller reveal their next project

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It feels like Phil Lord and Chris Miller were kicked off Star Wars only last month, with a constantly busy schedule I don’t think it matters too much for the charismatic couple. Not only did they have multiple future projects lined up, an animated Spider-Man movie for Sony and a sequel to the beloved LEGO Movie for Warner Brothers, they also have projects still in development they decided to leave behind like DC’s Flash movie, which is still in pre-production hell as it is. The duo spends as much time writing as they do directing.

After being booted off the Star Wars Han Solo spin-off for apparently veering off Lawrence Kasdan’s script, the two didn’t have much to say other than ‘sorry’. Now they’ll be helming a new film based on Andy Weir’s novel ‘Artemis’. This is the same author behind The Martian, Ridley Scott’s upbeat sci-fi which did well at award season and at the box office. So far, all that’s known is that Artemis is a heist movie set on Mars, with the book heading for release in November, the rights were snatched up by 20th Century Fox and New Line earlier in the year.

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Meanwhile, Star Wars Han Solo spin-off catching up to it’ schedule, now being helmed by experienced director Ron Howard.

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