David Lynch will direct all episodes of Twin Peaks Season 3

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This news tastes like a damn fine cup of coffee. David Lynch, creator of cult TV show Twin Peaks, is back in the director’s chair for the upcoming third season – which will take place over two decades since the last season aired. David Nevins, the head of Showtime (the network that has taken up Twin Peaks), revealed in an interview with Collider the news that Lynch would be helming every episode. This was when confronted with the question about Lynch’s brief departure amid disputes concerning the show. Here’s what he had to say:

‘I never had any doubts we were going to get him back. This was a huge priority project to me. It became clear that it was going to take more than nine episodes, which was the originally planned for and budgeted length of the series. I really wanted to get David to direct the whole thing, and he wanted to direct the whole thing. We had to work out the details.’

Looks like Nevins inadvertently revealed that Lynch will be directing each and every episode – but we still don’t know just how many episodes there’ll be. Nevins also said that they were still hoping for a 2016 air date, but given the show’s rather dramatic production so far (before the cameras have even started rolling), keep your expectations carefully tethered to reality.

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