Dan Aykroyd blames Ghostbusters’ director Paul Feig for reboot’s failure

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Dan Aykroyd, star of the original Ghostbusters films, has blamed director Paul Feig for last year’s reboot failing at the box office.

Aykroyd told Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch that Feig “spent too much” on the reboot which Sony will not forgive:

“I was really happy with the movie, but it cost too much. And Sony does not like to lose money, they don’t. It made a lot of money around the world but just cost too much, making it economically not feasible to do another one. So that’s too bad. The director, he spent too much on it. He didn’t shoot scenes we suggested to him and several scenes that were going to be needed and he said ‘nah, we don’t need them.’ Then we tested the movie and they needed them and he had to go back. About $30 to $40 million in reshoots. So he will not be back on the Sony lot any time soon.”

“It cost too much and Sony does not like to lose money. The director spent too much on it, so he will not be back on the Sony lot any time soon.”

Ackroyd’s claims that Sony spent $30-40 million on reshoots have since been dismissed, as according to a source from the company (Via EW), the reshoots cost in the region of $3.5 million.

The rebooted Ghostbusters team may not get a sequel.

The Ghostbusters reboot made loss at the box office as it grossed $299m worldwide with a $300m budget.

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