Could the John Wick directors make Cowboy Ninja Viking?

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Cowboy Ninja Viking: it’s one of those titles that instantly attracts you to a movie. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the movie is any good; for proof of that, just look to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Lesbian Vampire Killers. But Cowboy Ninja Viking will star man-of-the-hour Chris Pratt, and is based on a graphic novel which concerns the exploits of super soldiers who, thanks to the government, have been transformed from patients with multiple personality disorder – so odds of it turning out great are pretty high. Add to that the latest development, which is that David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, who directed the critically acclaimed John Wick, are in talks to helm it. Although John Wick has yet to be released in the UK, it made a splash in the US, starring Keanu Reeves in somewhat of an action-comeback role. The news comes from Variety, who report that the pair have actually been offered the directing job, after attaining approval from Pratt himself. Everything seems in place for Cowboy Ninja Viking – now, it just needs to be made.

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