Christoph Waltz will return for new Bond films but only on one condition

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Christoph Waltz has reportedly agreed to return as the villain Blofeld in two more Bond films but there’s a catch… As he’ll only do them if Daniel Craig also returns as his enemy.

Waltz was widely praised for his turn in Spectre and will be signed up again if Craig agrees to a fifth mission. A source told the Daily Star: ‘Christoph could make a brilliant ongoing man for Bond to battle like in the old days. But the important clincher of it is that Blofeld can only work with Daniel back in the role to keep continuity.’

Craig appeared to rule out a return as 007 as he said he would ‘rather slash my wrists’ than reprise his role as Bond. But after the film broke records in its opening week in the UK, producers are keen to secure his services once more. ‘Daniel has been a huge success as 007 and is loved by fans so he isn’t going anywhere yet. The directors know they would be daft to replace him at a stage where he is so popular. It’s almost certain he will do one more outing as Bond’, a Bond source previously revealed.

Let’s hope Craig has a change of heart so we can see both himself and Waltz back in action together.

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