Christian Bale leaves Steve Jobs biopic

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In somewhat of a shock move, Christian Bale has walked on the planned Steve Jobs movie, which will be directed by Danny Boyle and scripted by Aaron Sorkin. He was set to play the lead as Apple megamind Jobs, a role that would have seen the actor appear in ‘every frame’ of the movie, according to Sorkin. This news comes not long after Bale had been cast, and only a few days since Seth Rogen had been (nearly) confirmed as Jobs’ confidante and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozkniak, and rumours of Jessica Chastain appearing in an unknown role had begun to surface. According to Bale himself, he felt he was not ‘right for the part’ (via The Hollywood Reporter), and decided to leave upon coming to that conclusion. But what does this mean for the as-yet untitled movie? It’s already undergone a number of chops and changes to its cast and crew; David Fincher was originally signed on to direct, before dropping out and having Boyle replace him, while Leonardo DiCaprio was set to star as Jobs until he, too, left the project, and was followed by Bale’s involvement. But this news may shake things up, including perhaps Rogen’s attachment; will the chemistry now be irreconcilably different? All we can do is wait for a new replacement, and hope they stay around this time.

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