Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray bonus content roundup

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Captain America: Civil War gets its home release in the UK/US across the next couple of weeks, and included on the Blu-ray are a limited number of extras, which we’ll run though now.

There are a couple of good featurettes, one focusing on Captain America and his team – how they came about, starting all the way back with the first Avenger. Then there’s one that focuses on Iron Man and his team – that goes all the way back to the first Iron Man (2008) film, which was the first one in the Marvel cannon. The featurette also includes the post-credits sting at the end of The Incredible Hulk in which Tony Stark talks to General Ross about assembling a team – relevant because the General returns in Captain America: Civil War.

You also get a feature focusing on the Russo brothers, who directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, and are currently working on the next two Avengers movies. This feature shows their passion for superhero films and how they went about differentiating Civil War from the comics – by including new characters and changing some of the arcs to reflect what’s happened in the films rather than in the comics.

Then you get a handful of deleted scenes which don’t really add much, they just extend some of the scenes which we’ve already seen. So you see more interaction between Black Panther and Black Widow, for example (there’s a very cool scene between the two of them).

Then there is a lot of special effects content which highlights how all of the massive airport sequence was done on green screen – so they had the actors and stunt guys working in the foreground, and then everything else was green screened. It’s quite weird to see – and they do a lot of pre-vis bits on that as well. You can see some of the action sequences sketched out on computers, and how they went about creating those scenes.

Then there’s an extended look at the next Marvel film, Doctor Strange. Again, there’s not much in the way of new content, but they do extend on some of the sequences that you see in the trailer. They show a lot about the background, and they also manage to highlight some of the changes in the characters. So you see Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor talk about their characters and also the location – how important Nepal is and how important it was for them to go on location to make that film.

There are also implications of how the supernatural element will play into the Marvel universe, because we haven’t really seen that before. As even Thor isn’t considered a supernatural character so much; so this will be the first Marvel film to fully introduce it. And the interesting thing will be to see how Spider-Man: Homecoming plays into this, because there are various ways they could do so. It’s really popular in the comics and the animations, but we haven’t seen it feature in the previous Spider-Man films from Sam Rami and Marc Webb.

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