Bill Murray’s film announced as biggest flop of the year

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The annual Forbes list of the least profitable movies of the year has been unveiled with Bill Murray’s music comedy Rock The Kasbah reluctantly taking the top spot.

The list bases its calculations on the return on investment, using box office data and production budget estimates and according to Forbes, Rock The Kasbah made just a staggering 19 percent return.

Not so far behind is Sean Penn’s hitman movie The Gunman, which made a return of 27 percent.

Here’s the top 15 of Hollywood’s biggest disasters of the year:

1. Rock The Kasbah (19 percent return)
2. The Gunman (27 percent)
3. Blackhat (28 percent)
4. Unfinished Business (41 percent)
5. Jem And The Holograms (46 percent)
6. Self/Less (47 percent)
7. American Ultra (55 percent)
8. We Are Your Friends (60 percent)
9. Aloha (71 percent)
10. Mortdecai (79 percent)
11. Pan (80 percent)
12. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (94 percent)
13. Jupiter Ascending (104 percent)
14. Tomorrowland (110 percent)
15. Crimson Peak (114 percent)

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