Ben Affleck denies rewriting Batman v Superman script

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Ben Affleck has denied the rumours that he rewrote the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script while dressed as the caped crusader.

In February, it was reported that Affleck had tweaked the script himself after not being happy with it originally but he’s now put that story to bed calling it “the dumbest rumour.”

As according to THR, he told reporters that he “just like[s] how if [he] was gonna go write, [he] would put on this batsuit first because it’s so comfortable to write in.” Before adding that he didn’t “rewrite anything in any outfit, [his] underwear or otherwise.”

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So there you have it, Affleck didn’t rewrite the film suited as Batman after all, what a shame but that still shouldn’t stop you seeing one of the most anticipated films of the year as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit screens on March 25.

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