Batman v Superman to receive R-rated director’s cut on Blu-ray

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The influence of Deadpool is slithering its tentacles further afield – this time, it seems like they’ve felt their way from Marvel all the way to DC. In the MPAA’s latest bulletin, it’s been revealed that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be getting an R rating – on a future Blu-ray release, at least.

While the film’s cinematic run will remain PG-13, the home release will be entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, and the additions have been deemed as ‘sequences of violence’. Which is interesting, because we thought the entire film would be one long sequence of violence anyway – but this must be even more violence. But anyway, we’re certain this news is thanks to Deadpool‘s R-rated excess – a movie that is still going on to do ridiculous box office numbers. What we’re wondering now, though, is whether this additional violence is already inherent in Snyder’s pre-rated cut, or will there be digital additions like CGI blood, decapitations, etc.? (Much like the Extended Edition Blu-ray of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.)

A release date for the Ultimate Edition has yet to be announced – but you can see the more family-friendly version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas come March 25.

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2 comments on “Batman v Superman to receive R-rated director’s cut on Blu-ray

  1. Batzou

    Come on, get some facts before…


    R-rated since september 2015… Also this is not the first R-rated release for Snyder/WB, since they did it with “Watchmen” (2009) ( One of the “highest-grossing” comic book adaptation ever btw)

    Poor journalism…

  2. Gary Green Post author

    Actually, if you read the bulletin, you’ll see that it’s dated today – the 24th February, 2016. The date you speak of – ‘9/30/15’ – is from the original rating of the theatrical cut, from an earlier bulletin.

    Also, we didn’t say it was the first R-rated release for either Snyder or WB (almost everything Snyder has done prior to his DC films has been R-rated.) We’re noting the apparent influence of Deadpool as of late, including the recent news that Wolverine 3 will be R-rated, too.

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