Award winning Star Wars actor could be starring in Shakespeare series on Netflix

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Riz Ahmed has had one hell of a year, he’s in that small group of people, like Donald Glover who’s had an incredible time in entertainment recently. The British star won an Emmy for his leading man performance in HBO’s The Night Of and starred in Star Wars: Rogue One at the tail end of 2016. Recently it was announced that he was cast alongside Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams in Sony’s Venom. Now everyone knows his name and when everyone knows your name in Hollywood, it means a lot more work for you.

Riz Ahmed has been in talks to star in a Hamlet series for Netflix, with him playing the titular character. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ahmed had been working on the project with college friend Mike Lesslie (Macbeth, Assassins Creed) for some time now, this iteration of the story is to be set in present-day London. As for dialogue? Judging from Lesslie’s Macbeth (which met good reviews from critics) it’s doubtful it’ll be making any changes to the original Shakespearean English.

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Ahmed has been sure to use his newfound stardom to promote diversity in Hollywood on TV and in movies, there’s nothing confirmed just yet but Riz Ahmed is making waves in all the right ways.

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