Avengers 4 has confirmed a funeral, but for which Avenger?

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Since the very first announcement of Avengers Infinity War, every fan has been speculating the death of at least one character. It’s been reported by MCU Exchange that Avengers 4 is hosting an open casting call for “mourners”, with the Russo brothers themselves picking the parts for the scene.

Undoubtedly no one will find out who will die before the movie comes out in theatres, but we’re here to figure out who is most likely to die considering there will definitely be a funeral.

Course, before we start considering who’ll die, it’s possible no one will. So far only Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff has been put to bed in the MCU (all be it, quite lazily done). During the release of Civil War, it was as if fans were desperate for a critical character to see his/her end, mainly War Machine, Captain America or Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier. Understandably, the Russo’s said killing a character off would be going ‘too far’ and the Avengers would realistically never be able to come back from something like that.

But now Infinity War introduces Thanos, the biggest of the baddest, so surely there’s no better way to raise the stakes and his threat by taking down one of the Avengers? So here our thoughts on possible deaths:

Firstly, Captain America. There’s no better way to go out for the boy in blue. But, it would have to be at the climax of the film to leave a long-lasting and ever-present memory of his sacrifice – to spur the team on of course, after all, they’re not really Avengers without Captain America, after the events of Civil War he’ll be coming out of hiding, beard, attitude and all.

Iron Man’s still around, the most decorated when it comes to appearances in the universe. We feel like by time Infinity War comes knocking his arc will be over, Downey’s contract is soon to expire and he’s already finished an Iron Man trilogy and Avengers trilogy as well as appearing in Civil War and Spiderman: Homecoming.

Vision HAS to die, there’s just no way around it. In his head, he encases the infinity stone that gives him life and Thanos needs all the stones right? Assuming he does get them all surely that must mean the demise of Vision. We’ll miss you, Paul Bettany.

Other possible deaths include Scarlet Witch, The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Thor. Who knows how successful Ant-Man and The Wasp will be at the box office, it maybe a good chance to put down a likeable character, though Ant-Man could be useful for rebuilding the Avengers brand after the catastrophe of Avengers 4. Thor’s about to finish his trilogy, so he’s a prospect, then again Taika Waititi has breathed new life into what was once a boring character, Hemsworth is firmly devoted still so there are so many possibilities for Thor in the future. Hawkeye is old and Renner is always busy it seems, a death isn’t necessary here though, especially with that farm and family hanging around still. Scarlet Witch’s arc is still yet to be fully realised, she’s an interesting character but hasn’t been given centre stage, plus she’s possibly the only character capable of destroying Thanos without help.

There at least a few characters we know are death proof, Black Panther is about to make his debut in 2018, too early to put him down. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most successful franchises under Marvel with one movie still left and lastly there’s Spiderman – who is practically unkillable no matter the circumstances due to the deal with SONY.

If you’ve got any thoughts tweet us. 

Avengers Infinity War will land into cinemas next year, April 27, 2018.



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