Avatar 2 release date announced?

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Earlier today, we reported that Fox had announced release dates for 2 new Marvel movies, but what went under the radar was another announcement from the studio, revealing the date that Avatar 2 will most likely hit screens.

20th Century Fox have set the date for a film with Lightstorm entertainment, which is Avatar director James Cameron’s production company, which surely means it will be the sequel. The movie will land in December 2018.

Recently, Cameron told THR that he’d like to make the sequels glasses-free 3D:

“Ultimately I think it can happen—with no glasses. We’ll get there.”

He also hopes to see higher frame rates:

“There may be some films that benefit from it, but I feel you still have to have a little bit of that veil of unreality that comes with 24 frames per second. I think you do it where you need it.”

Earlier this year, Cameron revealed that four Avatar sequels are in place. We already knew that the first sequel is set to come out in 2018 and we may now have a definite date. The following three films will hit theaters in 2020, 2022, and 2023.

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