Aunt May movie planned?

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Spider-Man is clearly a huge box office draw for Sony, pulling in millions of viewers over the last 12 years. With The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the second film of a new reboot series, done and dusted, and with a third eventually planned, Sony are looking to release a Sinister Six movie, which will see some of the web-slinger’s toughest villains team up. But the most curious recent development, according to Latino Review, is that Sony are planning an Aunt May movie.

Yes, that’s right; an Aunt May movie. As in Peter Parker’s loveable, but rather old and wrinkly, guardian. Of course, the film itself would focus on May’s life as a younger woman, taking form as an ‘espionage story’ that would be tonally comparable to Mad Men. While we’re dubious that a film based in the Spidey universe, set in the past and without any of the heroes or villains we know and love, will be any kind of smash hit, we’ll definitely be curious about this bold move from a big movie studio like Sony if they go ahead with it. For titles, we’re thinking The Aunt Who Loved Me or Die Another May.

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