Star Wars star Adam Driver joins Spike Lee and Jordan Peele project Black Klansman

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After the box office and critical success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out, all eyes have been on the comedian turned director for his next project, he has been talking about producing a film titled Black Klansman. Now, Star Wars actor Adam Driver is joining Black Klansman, set to play the lead role, where Driver will play a Jewish police officer working undercover.

Black Klansman is being directed and produced by Spike Lee and sees Jordan Peele’s production company, MonkeyPaw Productions producing alongside Steve Blum’s Blumhouse. Blum’s horror production company is on the rise with Get Out and Split being huge financial successes on smaller budgets.

Driver has also been on the rise, he’ll be appearing in Star Wars The Last Jedi this December, playing the villainous (well it’s hard to put a label on) role of Kylo Ren. Where he brings emotion and depth to what was thought to be a simple character. Driver has had a consistent string of great character performances in smaller productions whilst working with great directors for years now, these films include Silence (Martin Scorsese), Logan Lucky (Steven Soderberg), Paterson (Jim Jarmusch), Midnight Special (Jeff Nichols), Inside Lleywn Davis (Coen Brothers) and frequent collaborator Noah Baumbach.

Laura Harrier of Spider-Man: Homecoming has also joined the cast of Black Klansman.

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