The Trailer Round-Up: December 2015

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This regular feature showcases the best trailers from the upcoming month, hand-picked by us as the ones to watch out for. Any that you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Action / Adventure

On paper, In the Heart of the Sea sounds like the grandest adventure movie ever – but the trailer, while filled with plenty of Ron Howard’s flourishes for period detail, doesn’t bode well with its not-particularly-good CGI effects. Let’s hope Marvelites Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland can stop this from sinking. Release: December 26

Science Fiction / Fantasy

We really, really, really don’t need to give you any more reasons to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. May as well watch the trailer again, though. Release: December 17

Drama / Thriller

After wowing the critical world with 2011’s The Deep Blue Sea, director Terence Davies is back with Sunset Song – a much-acclaimed drama that provides some much-needed balance to the usual melodrama-heavy offerings of December. Release: December 4

Yes, the trailer makes By the Sea look like nothing more than a moody, mopey vanity project for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – but there’s always the chance that the actor / director Jolie could have something more up her sleeve than just pouting miserably on beaches. Release: December 11

Grandma‘s trailer doesn’t look like much, but a standout performance from Lily Tomlin burns brightly at its centre; hopefully, the resultant film will do the same. Release: December 11


After all the bog-standard animations through the year (Minions, we’re looking at you), The Peanuts Movie looks like a gift from above for parents and children everywhere. Beautifully made, and with every inch the same character from the beloved property, you might end up enjoying this more than your kids. Release: December 21


No, we didn’t laugh once in the trailer. But if you did, then The Night Before might be for you; just don’t expect the same level of ingenious hilarity as Seth Rogen and co.’s previous efforts. Release: December 4

Sorry, Sisters, but we didn’t really laugh at your trailer, either. However, if it’s anything like the admittedly funny The Farce Awakens – a lovely spoof of a certain sci-fi film that’s released the same week – then this could be a nice antidote for those of you who don’t particularly care for Star Wars (who are you?) Release: December 12

Finally – we actually laughed! Daddy’s Home is probably going to end up as sub-Ferrell entertainment, but the chemistry between himself and Wahlberg should make this a reasonably decent comedy flick. Release: December 26


Ah, seasonal horror comedy: our favourite genre. Krampus looks like it’ll be getting up to some lovely old tricks with this brand new creature feature starring Adam Scott – and hopefully will become a future Christmas cult classic. Release: December 4

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